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Hidden Grove Pack is a WolfQuest Community pack run by Silver and Domino, the pack was originally created by merging two packs that they lead separatly together.
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 Mythical Wish[Fantasy RP]

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PostSubject: Mythical Wish[Fantasy RP]   Mythical Wish[Fantasy RP] EmptyTue May 31, 2011 12:50 pm

This topic has obviously been moved from the orginal website. If you where a part of it please do re-apply.
Note that none of the pictures linked or viewed here are not mine, i credit the rightfull owner.

[size=150]The land has appeared.[/size]
Through the enternal fog and lagre waves, a land can be seen.
Evniri had rised from the sea.

Some pictures so you have an slight idea how it looks; http://www.ronstropicalart.com/show-image/720184/Ron%27s-Tropical-Art/Frigate-Lagoon.jpg







Humanoid creatures:

Elf; Being intelligent and wise, the elf is outstanding at learning the most.
They may be weak and will quickly fall if you get an hit on them.
But it may be harder than you think.

Werewolf; Unlike the humans beliefs, the werewolf of Evniri doesnt become a half human half wolf. They transform into an average sized grey wolf. Just much stronger and faster. They have different markings and eye color too.

Butterfly Elf;An average sized human, with lagre wings. They have more of butterfly wings with colors that reflect their personality. They often have the abillity to shrink it size if they are not a hybrid.

Centaur; Being half human and half horse the centuar is both quick and intelligent. They are rather stong and know how to handle wepons.

The human; What do you think?...=D Humans have never been native to the island, though they mainly have strayed onto the by plain crashes and such.
But some have mastered some classes and have survived at all costs.


Dragon; They come in many shapes and sizes. And often have the ability to breath fire from their mouth, or ice depending on thei species.

Pegasus; Generally a flying horse. Not much more to tell...=D

Unicorn; A horse with a sharp horn on their fourhead. Its often used for combat.

Chegera; The size of an cat but with the speed of a cheetah but with a greater stamina. These small felines often have a stripped or spotted pelt.
(Note that this species was made by me lul.)

Three headed dog; Not really three headed, but the two other heads are formations made to scare or get a mate. But they do bite.
They are slightly lagrer than a wolf.

Elemental wolf; Come in most shapes and sizes. They generally have a element to control even though they arent always the best at it. As the element can be harsh to get control of.

Winged fox; A fox with wings.

Winged wolf; A wolf with wings.

Classes(Note that these only applies to most humanoid creatures, as they dont have the best of power.);
Fluatist; Using a simple flute they can summon a creature that they have in mind. It may even be something that they created in theur mind. But this takes a lot of strenght from the fluatist.
Class applies too; (Butterfly)Elves and humans.
(Inspired by epic picture on dA 8D)

Rougue; Having massive claws on their hands, these are not too mess with.
Class Applies to; To all humanoid creatures.

Summoner; They have one creature they may summon, they often call it their 'companion'. It can be as simple as a dog to a huge dragon.
Applies too; All humanoid races, but werewolf.

Glider; They have wings. But they are too short to fly with. So they 'glide' from high places.
Applies to; ALL races.

Lagre evil creatures. Only moderators and administators may summon and controll them.
A lagre elemental wolf. With the power of ice and water. But this one is great at its element. And wishes to take control of the island somehow.


A massive dark colored pegasus with lightly grey wings. He is an hybrid between pegasus and unicorn but his horn was chopped off.
He suffers mental issues and has a lust for blood.

Feel free to give suggestions about bosses.

Only applying to humanoid creatures.
Heres pets they may get:
Dragon(May ride)
Horse(May ride)
Note that the pet needs to be optained through RP.

1. No playing god or what so ever.
2. No powerplaying.
3. Two sentence rule applies here too.
4. Make sure you read the post carefully.
5. You may have up to three characters.
6. Make up your own property if you wish.
You came that far. Be proud =D

Not rules or anything. But you may be chased down if you break some of the general rules of the island.
1. You may never steal.
2. Do not kill anyone.
3. Do not steal from anyone.
4. Dont rob any shops.
5. Dont use guns on public places.


Class(If possilbe);

Heres mine;

Name; Nari
Gender; Female
Species; Elf
Class(If possilbe); Flautist
Appearance; Rather tall, long red like hair and blue eyes. Outfit: http://likaspapaya.deviantart.com/#/d2o9ght
Note that its not the character! The outfit is only simalar to what shes wearing.
Personality; Rather shy. Can be quite of an 'outlaw' though. She loves bugging people who are weaker than her. But she is quick on her feet when so is needed.
History(Optional); N/A
Other; No
Property; Nope

Happy Rping~
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Mythical Wish[Fantasy RP] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mythical Wish[Fantasy RP]   Mythical Wish[Fantasy RP] EmptyTue May 31, 2011 4:04 pm

Name; Kiana
Gender; Female
Species; Chegera
Class(If possilbe); Er, I didn't see anything about this...
Appearance; http://www.bengalbreed.com/public/breeder/21.jpg
Personality; Bossy, likes doing the opposite of what people want, and she doesn't think before she speaks. She loves stealing things from others, but normally she gets out of the trouble by acting very cute.
History(Optional); Kiana never listened to her parents when first born, and was always very small. She always got teased, which gave her a bossy attitude.

Name; Kovu
Gender; Male
Species; Winged fox
Class(If possilbe);
Appearance; An orange fox with golden yellow streaks in his fur. His eyes are a cold, hostile yellow. (http://spiritwarriors.webs.com/WingedFox.jpg) Basically like that, only smaller than most of his species.
Personality; It takes a lot to befriend him, but if you do, he will do anything for you, and will be loyal to the end.
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Mythical Wish[Fantasy RP]
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