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Hidden Grove Pack is a WolfQuest Community pack run by Silver and Domino, the pack was originally created by merging two packs that they lead separatly together.
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 Lavender Town RP

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PostSubject: Lavender Town RP   Lavender Town RP EmptyTue May 31, 2011 12:57 pm

Welcome to the Lavender Town RP

This is what many would know as the mythical version of a town. In this RP, you will be able to have up to 5 characters, but they may not date/marry each other. Now, the reason this is mythical, is because you may have special powers, and up to 3 of them! Have fun!

What is allowed in this RP:

• Nekos (Half-cat people.)
• Angels
• Demons
• Werewolves
• Vampires

I’m guessing you’re thinking “What the heck can I do in this RP?” Well, here is a list of some things you can do.

• Get a BF/GF
• Use your powers
• Summon mythical creatures such as phoenixes, dragons, and unicorns for various reasons.
• Marry another person’s character.
• You may also own a shop or trading stand, as long as you’re playing fair!
• Much, much more!

Last but not least, the rules:

• No double-posting
• Lavender Town is a small country town, so at least try to act like you’re in one!
• Put “Puppy” in the password section.
• Be fair.
• Follow all Hidden Grove rules.
• Only three powers.
• Only five characters.
• Put “Super” before the word “Dog” if you read the rules.

Joining Form:

Powers: (Up to three)
Race: (Neko, werewolf, etc.)
Pic of character:

My Characters!

Username: Red
Name: Katherine
Age: 15
Powers: She is a wizard, but nobody knows.
Race: Neko
Personality: She is kind, caring, sweet, and always seems to have her way from her cuteness. She uses puppy-dog eyes on everyone when she wants something.
Pic of character: Lavender Town RP Neko-anime-animal-girls-6665956-282-320
Password: I can't wright it, since it would be copied. >.>

Username: Red
Name: Cian
Age: 12
Powers: He has a psychic ability that lets him control any object. He can use his powers to fly.
Race: Werewolf
Personality: He likes hanging out with others, but feels uncomfortable around vampires.
Pic of character: Lavender Town RP Demonwerewolfboy
Password: Same as above...

Username: Red
Name: Keith
Age: 16
Powers: Like some vampires do in movies and stuff, he can turn into a vampire bat. HE DOOES NOT DIE IN LIGHT! He can also fade away into a black mist, then totally disappear. This gives him the power to walk through walls and stuff.
Race: Vampire
Personality: He's an unusually nice vampire, but when he gets mad it means trouble. Sometimes, he likes freaking people out.
Pic of character:
Lavender Town RP Bronson_200
Password: My RP! (Listens to Get the Party Started- P!nk)

Anyone who was a member of this RP on the original site, please repost your characters. We will start where we left off. Thank you.

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Lavender Town RP
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