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Hidden Grove Pack is a WolfQuest Community pack run by Silver and Domino, the pack was originally created by merging two packs that they lead separatly together.
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 Warriors- HeatherClan and Deathclan

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Warriors- HeatherClan and Deathclan Empty
PostSubject: Warriors- HeatherClan and Deathclan   Warriors- HeatherClan and Deathclan EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 10:25 am

Like a Star @ heaven Welcome to the warriors RP! I do hope this will have some members. Like a Star @ heaven

lol! I was so excited to make this...


You may have lived as a kittypet, or maybe you were clanborn. Maybe you lived as a rogue or loner's kit. Well, chances are you may have a different fate than how you started out. You had heard legends from many cats about one, big, strong cat. That cat was none other than Blueheart, a former Riverclan warrior who was sentenced to become a rogue for breaking the most important rule of the warrior cpde. Well, now there's a rumor she is lurking in this forest. But that isn't the point. The clans are in havoc and fighting, and the cats aren't sure where this will lead. Everyone has their own destiny, so this is just to inform you.


The moon will glow a blackish red, and a warrior of pure strength will rise and save cats from the dread. Five cats will join and one will survive, and the one warrior of starclan shall pay the highest price you can pay.


• Be fair
• All HG rules apply.
• Only warrior cussing, like "mouse-brain" and "fox-dung".
• Follow the warrior code
• You may have as many characters as you wish, but don't take advantage.

Joining Form


My Characters

Name: Blueheart
Age: 20 moons
Gender: Female
Rank: Rogue and Queen
Clan: None
Mate: He died in a fight while trying to save me and our kits.
Description: Blueheart is a russian blue, she has amber eyes and white paws. The tip of her tail is white and her muzzle is white.

Name: Bluekit
Age: half a moon old, but stronger since he is a rogue.
Gender: Male
Rank: Kit and rogue
Clan: None
Mate: Uh...
Description: A russian blue, he has light blue eyes just like his father. His coat is sleek and he has a bit of riverclan blood in him passed down from his mother.

Name: Firekit
Age: half a moon
Gender: Female
Rank: kit and rogue
Clan: none
Mate: Um...
Description: Firekit is redish brown just like her father, and she has amber eyes like her mother.

Name: Fernstar
Age: 21 moons
Gender: female
Rank: Leader of Heatherclan
Clan: Heatherclan
Mate: None
Description: Fernstar is a black cat. Her right ear is white, and she has one son, named Whiteheart. Whiteheart disappeared from the clan one day while he was still an apprentice, and nobody has seen him yet. (Please keep this fact about Whiteheart in mind, as it is pretty important.)
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Warriors- HeatherClan and Deathclan
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