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Hidden Grove Pack is a WolfQuest Community pack run by Silver and Domino, the pack was originally created by merging two packs that they lead separatly together.
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 Darkfur's Biography

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PostSubject: Darkfur's Biography   Darkfur's Biography EmptyTue May 31, 2011 1:21 pm

Name: Darkfur

Age: 4 years

Rank: Council member

Gender: Female

Personality: Darkfur's past has shaped her personality, she can be quite a harsh wolf, one that is not very forgiving. If you can get over her rather stubborn/headstrong and impatient personality she is actually quite nice. Though sometimes she isn't to clear at being nice. Its very hard to gain her trust and any sign of threat or attempting to intimidate will launch her into a fiery rage of anger. Though if you manage to gain her trust she respects you and treats you courteously. She respects those of higher authority but if she thinks you are abusing that power she will rebel. Though she ain't the nicest of wolves, and hasn't had a good of education in such things as conversing/being nice... She likes to help, though can get pretty angry if you mess with her which would be a normal reaction one could assume. Except her angry is a bit of a step further. She never hesitates to a challenge.

History: (Told First Person, as I prefer. Also it just kinda panned out from First person. If I need to change it I won't hesitate to.) "I was born in a pack, about 5 pups in my litter. My mother died when we were born. Things went pretty normal, like any other pack. You'know? Although things don't exactly last forever, when I went out huntin' with my former pack mates we were hunting a bull elk. Unfortunately my former pack mates I had been sent to hunt with were young. For all I know it could've been their first hunt they were quite nervous and skittish. What could I really expect? So it was pretty much like a one-on-one fight with the elk. I got hit, more times than I could count, when that elk had taken me down, apart from the anger I felt from my 'incapable' pack mates everything was like a red-blur of blood and pain, it was obvious I had gotten quite the beating. I remember seeing the dominants. Not my parents, the new ones.
I didn't like them to much, and they didn't like me either - in fact they despised me, called me names and did everything possible to beat me down and feel angry. For like our whole pack, we had a bit of a temper when messed with, they somehow found it amusing - for they weren't born of this pack we had accepted a few loners sometimes. They had quickly risen ranks to leader, using our weakness to their advantage. Most of us hated them, but what could we do?
They said something to the pack. The rest of the pack members seemed angry, especially my father. Great I had thought, probably said something to embarrass me but it was quite different. Last thing I can remember about them was that they disappeared into the forest. Thats when I passed out.
I thought I was dead.
But then, unfortunately I woke up. Some gang of wolves had found me, they had about 6 members and one leader. Which I found kinda odd. But I wasn't really in the position to protest. They helped me get better, food and water, though. Something didn't seem quite so right about them, they were a very small pack capable of getting large quantities of meat some of them were quietly whispering to each other - I soon began to get suspicious. The leader taught is what was good and right in the world. But, that was only one side of the leaf. The other side was horrific, I dare not tell it openly. You may ask, though you will probably be told to get lost. Only few have ever heard the rest."
A usual reply when questioned about her past is "Curiosity killed the cat, it would be wise to not follow in those paw-steps."

Height: Pretty much slightly above average.

Weight: Average [ill get numbers later :L]

Coat Color: Black

Eye Color: Molten gold

Family: Mother -unnamed- : Deceased
Father -unnamed-: Alive
Snowfire: Alive
Kai: Deceased
Auzure: Alive
Winter: Alive

Strengths: Her experience in fighting excels the knowledge of most of wolves. As she knows brute strength and wits shall win the battle. She has had paw-to-paw experience since a young age. It has really had an effect on her, her stamina and strength are excellent. Due to her large knowledge on fighting techniques and tactics she can prove useful if ever in need of some advice on fighting.
Her scars are also a way of implying her strength, from her many battles she has gained more than her fair share. Its a way of showing her experience - not intentionally though.

Weakness: Her impatient and headstrong personality has let her down at times. Though its nothing much she didn't have a proper chance at learning to converse as well mainly from being abandoned at a young age from her birth pack so she is a little illiterate so sometimes her sentences might not sound right or might just be missing a few words which are normally understandable.

Likes: Conversing with other wolves, quite walks, deep thinking, hunting, fighting.

Dislikes: Boring conversations, overenthusiastic wolves. Darkfur tends not to exactly like pups that much either.

Reference of picture: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/076/5/c/darkfur_ref_by_winterwolf2-d3bu8nh.png
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Darkfur's Biography
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