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Hidden Grove Pack is a WolfQuest Community pack run by Silver and Domino, the pack was originally created by merging two packs that they lead separatly together.
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 Rose's Biography

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PostSubject: Rose's Biography   Rose's Biography EmptyMon Jun 20, 2011 11:21 pm

Name: Rose

What Name means: Rose's name means "French Beauty","The Violent One" and "The Beautiful Wolf"

Species: Grey Wolf(Canis Lupus)

Rank: Warrior

Age: 2 Years

Eye Color: Yellow

Fur Color: Grey

History: 1.Mates
It was a Cold Winter Day when a Lone Male Wolf Named Lucan was in search of a Mate.He had just left his pack at the age of 2 Years 3 Weeks Ago in search of a Mate.Until one day he met her.It was a Female Wolf named Shadow who was also 2 Years.They instantly fell in Love and Became Mates.

2.A Pack is formed
One Month after Lucan and Shadow became Mates,they were planning on forming a Pack until it happend.They had just acepted 12 Wolves and at that point,a Pack was formed.

3.Pregancy Happens
3 Weeks after the Pack was formed,Shadow became pregnant.When she told Lucan,he was very exited to know that he would have pups but didnt know that it would some time be a horror and that some thing would for sure happen with the pups.

4.Arival of the Pups
65 Days after being pregnant,Shadow gave birth to four healthy pups named Rose,Austin,Sam and Draco.2 Weeks after birth,the Pack continued bringing food back for Shadow and Bone Vitamins so she can have more milk for the pups.

5.First time out of the Den
When the Pups turned 3 Weeks Old,they came out of the Den for the first time and into the sunlight.At 5 Weeks,Rose was walking around until she bumped into her brother Sam."Hey Watch it!"he snapped.Rose growled at him and said "Yeah Whatever" and walked off.At 7 Weeks,Rose showed signs of fighting for Alpha Pup and waited until a few days later.

6.The Fight for Alpha Pup
When the Pups had just turned one month,Rose and her brothers started fighting to see who would become Alpha Pup.Draco lunged at Rose and said "Well little miss perfect,You will never win!".Rose got mad and angrily said "I am not little miss perfect stupid and i will win this fight" and jumped on Draco and bit his neck and let go.Then she pinned down Sam and took down Austin.When the fight was over,Rose had won.She raised her tail and showed that she was Alpha Pup and felt proud of herself.

7.Run for Your Lives!
At 4 Months,while Rose and her brothers were finishing a deer that their Mother had caught,their Father spotted a Mother Bear and her Cubs in the Distance and alerted the Pack and they ran over.Then the Mother Bear got angry at charged at the Wolves.Then she spotted the Pups and Draco rose his head and yelled "Rose!Sam!Austin!Run,there is a bear".Rose saw it and said "Follow me!Sam and Austin,take the Deer Carcass Along with us".Sam and Austin nodded and picked it up and quickly dragged it to a Tree Den that was not used and they quickly put it in there and got Draco and Rose in the Tree.After Draco and Rose got in the Tree,Sam and Austin got in too and Rose covered the holes."Hide your scent so the Bear cant find us!".The Pups hid their scent with mud and finished the rest of the Der Carcass.Then they cleaned off the blood off of their muzzles and huddled together silently.

8.Strugling to Survive
The next day,Rose and her brothers came out of the hole and saw their parents and pack dead.They were sad but knew that they would need to survive on their own.At 6 Months,they set out together and came to a lake and went fishing and drank some water.At 9 Months,they started taking down Elk on their own and having successful hunts and they knew,they were going to survive.

9.The Battle through Winter
When Winter approached and Rose and her brothers were 11 Months old,they knew they would have to hunt all Winter Long in order to stay alive and so they did.Their hunts were succesful and they ate together without arguing or fighting for other parts of their meal.

By the time Rose and her brothers were 2 Years old,they knew that the time has come for them to go out and start a family of their own but before they did,they told eachother Goodbye and that they would be visiting.Then,they seperated and when out to start a family for themselves.

11.Hidden Grove Pack
Days after Rose and her brothers left eachother,Rose went in search of a Mate but had no luck.Then she approached a friendly looking Pack and asked to join and the two Dominants Silver and Domino said "Who are you?" and Rose said "I am Rose".Then Domino thought about it and said "Welcome to the Pack Rose".

Personality: Rose is nice but can get extremly aggressive if she feels like it.


Rose's Biography Wolveswallpaper

Rose's Biography Freewolfimages

Rose's Biography Wolf011640x478

Rose's Biography Wolfphotography

Rose's Biography Fwolfsong9611stephenjkr

Mate: None

Pups: None

Crush: None

Strengths: Powerful Bites

Weaknessess: Unhealing Wounds

Likes: Being treated nice and correctly

Dislikes: Being Bossed around,Getting Punished

Referance of Wolf: Rose's Biography Wolveswallpapers

If pics dont show up then tell me

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PostSubject: Re: Rose's Biography   Rose's Biography EmptyTue Jun 21, 2011 7:52 pm

Quote :
If pics dont show up then tell me

I see no pics.
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I just posted new ones.That should work
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Rose's Biography
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