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Hidden Grove Pack is a WolfQuest Community pack run by Silver and Domino, the pack was originally created by merging two packs that they lead separatly together.
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 Mutant RP (Now open!)

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Mutant RP (Now open!) Empty
PostSubject: Mutant RP (Now open!)   Mutant RP (Now open!) EmptyWed Jun 01, 2011 1:57 am


Dear friendly readers,

Hello. This is Jake Soot, your local scientist. I have heard many people in your town are yet to try out my new machine to become the person of your dreams. I have sent some of my best workers who know how to handle the equipment. Anyone who would like to try it, may use the machine for free.

The mayor read aloud for everyone to hear. "Alright, you can try it if you want, but I think something will go wrong!" He warned.

The next day, a machine arrived in a large truck. You decided to enter. The next thing you knew, when you came out, you were a mutant!


• Be fair Follow all Hidden Grove Rules
• Be nice to others Don't YELL at others!
• Make sure you don't godmod, or backseat moderating. The people I choose and I will adress problems! PM of us about these problems.
• The password is Tippsy Post it on your form in the password section!
• You may use a description rather than an image of your character. It's quite hard to find images of mutants.
• A mutant may be based off of an animal, or a neopet as long as you give them credit. Using neopet images without credit will result in your application being ignored.
• You may have up to five characters. If you ask, I might change this rule.
• Delete the last three letters of the password. Okay?

Joining Form! (Delete everything in brackets.)

Password: (It's in the rules. Don't put your real password.)
Character's Name:
Character's Gender:
My character is a mutant based off a: (Put the kind of animal, human, etc. If you aren't a mutant, write it here. If you are a mutant catcher, you're not a mutant either, so write Mutant Catcher.)
My character looks like: (Photo or description.)

My Characters

Username: Red
Password: Nice try, but it's my RP!
Character's Name: Tazz
Character's Gender: Male
My character is a mutant based off a: Tasu (Neopet.)
My character looks like: Mutant RP (Now open!) 1tasu_mutant (© to neopets!)
It's not the bluish color that it is, mine is more of a turquoise. It's eyes are just a tad bit darker as well.

Available Mutant Creatures
There are certain mutant things you can't be in this RP, but this list will tell you everything you can be.

• Neopets pet/petpet mutant
• Animal-based mutant
• Human-based mutant
• Phoenix-based mutant
• Gryphon-based mutant
• Dragon-based mutant
• Unicorn/pegasus-based mutant
• You also don't have to be a mutant.
• You can be a mutant-catcher.

These are currently the only mutant things you can be, but if you'd like to suggest something you may PM me and I might consider your suggestion. Also, please note that animals means ANY animal, and neopet/petpet means any kind of neopet creature.

The territories of the Land
The scientist with the machine was really an evil scientist, and took each and every mutant with him to a completely new land. Of course, some mutant catchers and normal people came too.

]The parts of the land were divided into territories. RPers may fight other RPers for territory, or just grab unclaimed territory.

The Desert Jungle- The Desert Jungle is a normal jungle, except the ground is made of sand. Very few creatures want it since it is hot and dry, but whoever lives there is promised to have a good living. In the very center, where not many people have been able to find, is land with soil, grass, and very rich and tropicle foods and fruits. There is a large watering hole, and above it there is no trees. It is a large opening in the jungle. In the middle of the pond there is a large island. There is a thick yet flat fallen tree leading to the island. This land is currently owned by Tazz.

The Desert- Just as it suggests, the desert is a hot place, but actually one of the best lands. Being connected to the jungle, it is very rich. Half of the land is actually grass and small puddles with very rich soil. Nobody owns this land yet.

The Meadow- The meadow is a very nice place, filled with flowers and grass. It is very nice and peaceful. Butterflies fly through the grasses, as well as the dangerous MUTANT BEES. One sting and you'll be in very bad pain, but these creatures aren't common. The only places you'd usually see them in is the Desert Jungle, and the two lakes. Nobody owns this land.

The Saxo Lake- A large lake in the shape of a triangle, but it also has some places where only about three inches of water is there, and land is replaced in the area. It has very wet soil there, and you will get very muddy. Luckily though, it is almost impossible to drown there, since there are places with land! Nobody owns this land.

The Texo Lake- A lake which is a little larger than the Saxo lake, but it does not have land inside the pond. This has more fish, but is deeper as well. It is easy to drown in here. For some strange reason, though, hazelnut trees grow from the bottom of the lake.

The Dextar Mountains- These mountains are divided into four territories, since there are four mountains. Each are all connected, and each are about the size of Mountain Fuji in Japan. Nobody owns any of the mountains. Four more people can live here.

The Snake Slopes- Just a series of rolling hills. This can be divided into up to 10 territories! It stretches for about 60 miles, making it so that many people can live here. Nobody lives here, and ten more people can move in.

If you'd like to suggest any more territories, PM me.

Start of RP

Tazz wandered around the small island in the center of the forest. He was one of the few people who knew it was there. SInce barely anyone came, he spent lots of time here resting or taking a break from his usual work.

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Mutant RP (Now open!)
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