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Hidden Grove Pack is a WolfQuest Community pack run by Silver and Domino, the pack was originally created by merging two packs that they lead separatly together.
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 SilverHybrid's Art Requests - Open

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SilverHybrid's Art Requests - Open Empty
PostSubject: SilverHybrid's Art Requests - Open   SilverHybrid's Art Requests - Open EmptySun Jun 05, 2011 6:49 am

Ohai there ~ Welcome!

Here I'll be doing requests for artwork, to put it short.

There aren't really any rules here... other than the basics (follow the forum rules), and don't push me to finish a request.

Bare in mind that some art can take a very long time, especially since I have other things to do, such as moderating and things to do with school (especially recently, since exams are popping up). Though, I promise to work hard on any requests :3

I pretty much do anything really (though, I'll only be setting up an animal form here. If you want to request something other than a animal, feel free to create your own little form for it)... considering I mostly use references to do my art, so yeah... x3 Or, feel free to just post a picture of what you want drawing exactly, though please bare in mind that all images MUST be free usage. If you don't know how to get free use images, please refer to this thread on WolfQuest: http://www.wolfquest.org/bb/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=10888

For your own reference, all art will be done on paper within my sketckpad. In regards to backgrounds, I'll decide on whether a background is situatable for your request or not (bare in mind that if backgrounds are included, the image can take longer).

Here is the form you need to fill out when requesting:

Name? (On/Off):
Name Colour?:
Animal Gender:
Animal personality:
Anything else?:

Cheers ~ Hope you decide to request sometime ^^
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SilverHybrid's Art Requests - Open Empty
PostSubject: Re: SilverHybrid's Art Requests - Open   SilverHybrid's Art Requests - Open EmptySun Jun 05, 2011 7:43 am

YAH! First request power.

Animal: Wolf
Name? (On/Off): Yep the name is: Red!
Name Colour?: Red
Animal Gender: Male
Animal personality: Look at his form...
Description: I'd just like and avvie of him sitting down with his tongue out.
Reference: My avvie. (Which will soon be different because I am using this as an avvie.)
Accessories: Black tie on his neck. lol.
Anything else?: You can draw the image big so that it's easier, I know a program where I can resize it myself. Cool

If you want we can do an art trade? So far I'm pretty good at drawing wolves, but only cartoonISH ones.
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SilverHybrid's Art Requests - Open
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